Anyone got a waveform audio player like the one on AJ?

So I’m making a website for my portfolio and was looking for a good music player plugin. I love the basic AJ player, but it’s a little too simple for how I’d like to showcase my music. I really like the waveform player on the AJ item pages. It looks great and makes navigating through a track (often with several edits) much more intuitive. I was looking on CodeCanyon but couldn’t find anything suitable that I liked…

Does anyone have, or know of, an audio player plugin for WordPress with a nice big waveform like the one on AJ pages?

This one here looks somewhat similar -

P.S. Check the live examples page the first one is the one I thought looks the most like AJ’s -

Yep, was just looking at that one earlier. Seems like the closest option and the best choice for my needs.

Thanks for the help, @Aether-Themes!

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Yay! My site looks great with the new WavePlayer.

Thanks for the great item, @luigipulcini!


this player looks great man :slight_smile:

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I know right? I’m really happy with it. :slight_smile:

I recommend it to all AudioJungle authors looking to showcase their portfolios on their website. The plugin is super easy to install, easy to customise, and just looks great!

Looks tempting mate, will try it later :stuck_out_tongue:

I am glad that you found my plugin a good fit for your website.
Thanks for the shoutout and the nice appreciations. :blush:

And stay tuned… I am in the process of developing new exciting features, with special attention to AudioJungle users! :wink:

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Hi @luigipulcini
Do you have a version for Prestashop websites?

Hi Music_MT,

WavePlayer is developed around some WordPress’ unique features, such as the Media Library, giving it the ability to be easily integrated on pages and posts with the visual tools already available in WordPress out of the box.

Currently, I don’t have plans to port WavePlayer to any other platform.