A heck of an endorsement!

When your AudioJungle superhero knocks on your CodeCanyon door!
Thank you so much for your trust, @TimMcMorris.


This now makes it two of the top ten AudioJungle authors using my WordPress audio plugin.
A very happy day indeed, on the verge of 1500 sales and, hopefully soon, the Author Level 6 badge.

Very grateful!

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haha, you are too kind :slight_smile: Here is the truth however, your plugin has solved a very serious problem I’ve had for a LONG time! When AudioJungle abandoned their embeddable music player years ago, it really threw my personal website for a loop because so much time was spent integrating. It was very frustrating and lot of users got frustrated when all of my audio stopped working. Over time I switched to various plugins but either the customization, responsiveness, aesthetics or mobile conversion always was lacking. I have a few projects going on now (which I can’t discuss here :slight_smile: ) but I will say that your WavePlayer plugin is going to be a big part of helping those come to life in the way I’ve imagined. It’s like you took the idea of what I wanted in my mind and designed it perfectly! So well done and thanks for the hard work on it! (Now PLEASE, just don’t abandon it haha)

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Tim, I am glad that my plugin happened to be the right fit for your personal website. I am also thrilled to hear that it is going to help with your upcoming projects and look forward to any further detail when the right time comes.

As I wrote in my reply to your original comment, I will be more than happy to assist you with any configuration or customization you may need. You can rest assured that I am constantly improving the plugin and adding new features.

My kindest regards,

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Sorry to hijack the thread, but I can attest to this :sunglasses:

@TimMcMorris you’re in good hands.

Luigi has been more than accommodating in helping me use and modify this plugin to suit my needs in the past. I can also confirm that it’s a fantastic item and a must have for musicians and producers wanting to start their own website


@AurusAudio, thank you so much for your kind words and incredible support.
Now we have both the AudioJungle superheroes I was referring to, in one single thread. :smiley: