Thanks Envato for the Featured Track


As my time on the Featured List comes to a close, I just wanted to thank Envato for this great opportunity…over 500 sales for my track “Bright and Inspiring” and I couldn’t be more grateful! I’ve made some great friends on AJ and appreciate the kind community that has developed here.

All the best,


Well deserved and great post. You did really well with your featured track; unsurprisingly :wink:

You’ve been a positive asset to the community, especially with your stellar feedback and helpful advice given to other fellow AJ authors in numerous project feedback threads.

Congrats again and thanks for being a great friend and colleague in the AJ community.

Now… looking forward to my feature if and when it happens :wink:


@AurusAudio you’re time is coming! Appreciate your work a ton and AJ would be foolish to not get you featured SOON!

Thanks for the kind words, friend!



Awesome numbers :slight_smile: Congrats! You definitely did not wasted your featured time :slight_smile: