How do you showcase your AudioJungle profile in your website?

Hello everyone!

Its been nearly a month that im here and all 12 tracks i sent in AJ have been accepted and i had some sales :slight_smile:

Now im searching for a way to showcase my portfolio in my website but i havent found anything helpful.

Is there any working plugin (im using wordpress), to do that?

Im not that good with coding. How do you showcase your music in your sites?

You can embed the AudioJungle player on your website.

Here’s how

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That seems like what i was looking for! But i cant get it to work. No matter what i type when i try to embed it on my wordpress site it displays nothing :S.

Does it work for you? You have any idea if i may have to modify anything in wordpress to make it work?

Sorry, I don’t use Wordpress or host the AJ player on my website. I do know however that there is a AJ plugin for Wordpress. Not sure if it still works since it hasn’t been updated in a while. Worth a try though. Here’s the link:

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I’ll give it a try. Thank you my friend for your suggestions i hope i can make it work :slight_smile:

The embed AJ player seems to be gone