Anyone else with a problem in Envato Elements affiliate sales tracking?

I started affiliating Envato Elements two weeks ago through their Impactradius dashboard and it seems like there’s a problem on sales action as I only have one sale in the last 12 days. Before that I had 5 sales in the first 4 days. I’ve also driven about 7x more signups in the last 12 days compared to first 4 days so it should have made more than one sale :slight_smile:

Of course there’s ups and downs in conversion, but this doesn’t seem to be in the normal range. I’ve already talked with Envato support, but would love to know if anyone else has seen the same problem.

Well, i applied but cannot be accepted! don’t know why?!

What up @jodyshop. What ways you’re about to promote and do you have a website?

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Hi, i am okay!

Well, for now i am using the regular and old fashion organic promotion ways, like link building, social profiles and SEO tips and tricks. I know there is more and advanced but don’t know how to do it.


I’m promoting Envato Elements, and i need to know what is the difference between Sales and Signup ? Why i do see on my account somes “Actions” but no sales ?

Thank you!