Elements vs Marketplace referral link in Impact Radius

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I’m having a hard time getting an answer to this from support, so I thought I’d try here.

I have an Impact Radius account for my Marketplace referrals. If I want to create Elements referral links do I need to start a new campaign or can I just enter Elements URLs in the landing page field and that will be sufficient? There is a video on Impact that says I need to choose an Elements campaign but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do this.

Basically- can anyone answer how to generate an Elements referral link if you already are registered in Impact? I don’t want to start only to find out I’ve done it wrong.

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to work with elements referrals you have to signup Here. More Information here from Affiliate Team @emile_b :


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Thanks for the reply. Ok, everyone keeps sending me this link but I already have an account and don’t want to make a duplicate. How can I make Elements links with an already existing Impact account that is set up for regular Envato Marketplace referrals? I’ve been told and I’ve seen a video that says I need to start an Elements campaign but I cannot for the life of me see where to do this.

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may be you have to join platform (By joining Impact you will have access to all of the brands within Impact marketplace), you will find it just above the sign out link menu. other things you can check by clicking help icon you will get more help article there. Also there you will find a Support Ticket button for opening a ticket (https://help.impactradius.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Thanks

Ugh, still nothing. All I need is to start an Elements campaign with an existing account. Can’t believe this is so difficult!

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You will not make duplicate account. Once you join elements program, this will be added in your existing Impact account. If you get accepted, you’ll get a dropdown menu and you can choose to make Elements or Market link.
Elements is a separate affiliate program, and you’ll have to apply and be accepted even if you already have an existing account for Envato Market.

Thanks WaveToys.

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Hey @bdProductions, apologies for the delay
WaveToys is right:

  1. Please click the link to join Elements
  2. Then click ‘already have an account’. Log in using your Impact credentials.
  3. This will auto apply you to the Elements program where we can approve you.

Once approved you’ll be able to create an Elements affiliate link.
Let me know once have submitted the application,


Hi Emile,

Thanks for reaching out. Well, I clicked that “already have an account” about 10 times and all it did was log me into my Marketplace affiliate account with no option for applying for Elements or anything. So I ended up going through the full application, and, now I have two logins. Is it possible to have the new Elements one merged into my original account? I’ve emailed Nicklas Rasmussen and am waiting to hear back.

Ugh… this has been a frustrating process.

Thanks, apologies for the confusion.
What was the name you applied with?
Might be easier to email me on emile.ben-atar@envato.com

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Thanks Emile- I sent you an email!