Any expert can check our wp theme quality standard ?

Hello wordpress expert ; How are you?

We have recently created a wp theme, anyone can check our theme quality standard for envato market?

Please check our theme quality standard and suggest me.
Demo Link:

Tarikul Sohel

With respect I would be almost certain that this will be rejected. The design is low quality, sorry - that is my opinion.

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I agree with @CocoBasic. Looks like 5 years ago.

CocoBasic & PxlSolutions Thank you for reply

Please suggest me how to make quality design our theme.

Tarikul Sohel

With respect this does appear quite outdated.

You need to be careful not to focus on quantity over quality. A million headers and features will make zero difference if the execution and visible functionality of the site is not there.

Again meant constructively this just feels like a lot of sections piled together rather than a structured hierarchy etc.

Unfortunately now there are thousands of items that offer every option ever seen and the marketplace and buyers are over it and now looking for more refined and practical designs which delivers the right choice of features for that theme, and in a more understated way.

Unfortunately! your typography is very poor also.

Thank you everyone for suggest me

We have change some typography & hierarchy design.

please see one more our demo before finally submit in themeforest. And tell me it’s quality standard for envato market?

Tarikul Sohel

Assuming you are referring to the link in the original posts then with respect this is still a long long way off the standard for here.

  • design still feels very outdated esp. the stars

  • typography still needs considerable work

  • there are aspects of spacing, padding and margins which also need work

  • portfolio hover effect and icons need work

  • attention to detail needs work

  • post layouts like this where the image is far too small just does not feel right

  • footer logo is pixelated

  • contact form looks cropped

charlie4282 Lot of thanks for quickly reply

Tarikul Sohel