What is going on? Where are High Quality standards for Themes?



I write a blog about WordPress themes and formed the current collection, and checking latest submitted WordPres blog themes I stumbled on a “very interesting” design theme. When I opened the demo I was a little confused. Did I opened new ThemeForest Free themes section or this is a premium theme which meet the highest standards of themeforest?

Very much errors (chrome inspector console all is red and full with errors). Multiple CSS errors. Missing paddings, spacings and slider photo is streched (Comon? It’s year 2016 not 2005).

Even free themes from WordPress.org is now much better design.

It talk about latest WordPress blog theme from [please do not call out items]

Envato. Please! Please handle your design standards higher.
This was and I hope will continue to be a Premium WordPress theme market.

P.S. I respect other people’s work and respect his efforts never not going to criticize anyone publicly, but this is too much.


That Should be not approved :frowning: maybe that was mistake.

Unfortunatly we cant call/discuss about another items :frowning: they will ask to contact envato support. and envato dosent tell to anyone why and how its was good for sale… :frowning: