Another rejection & I don't know why

this is my html template

I hope someone can tell me why it has been rejected please
this drives me crazy

Typography could be improved - e.g. there’s a lot of typefaces being used, certain features need more prominence e.g. dish titles, testimonials, submit recipe copy, author page subtitle and copy should not be the same

A lot of empty space around the logo

Top social icons too small and indistinct

Perosnally I owuld add a BG colour behind the ingredients list just to make them stand out and different from instructions

There are some nice touches e.g. signup/submit forms,etc. it just needs a push to make it feel a bit more premium id design rather than features.

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ok thanks i spent all night thinking about this but still i found myself confused & i will appreciate it if you help more

  • typeface: i don’t get it, I used only three fonts, do you mean the way I style them in each place ?
  • need more prominence: this means it require more intention, is that what you means ?
  • copy: this what confused me a lot, what do you mean by submit recipe copy ?, author page subtitle(I assume you mean description under page title!) and copy. What copy means exactly ?

It’s not so much about the number of fonts as it is about how they are used. It’s not bad choices but needs to assign emphasis and styling in relevant areas

e.g. the gallery descriptions are small and irrelevant currently when they should be more emphasis. (maybe evn drop them and have image roll over titles

Submit recipes is a key feature so needs to stand out more.

Author page “Executive chef” and copy below is the same font and styling

Its all about attention to detail to differentiate styling where needed to add visual emphasis and hierarchy
You have a slight grey tint behind ingredients which is a good start but I still think this could stand out more especially as the fonts and type is the same as the instructions to the left which make sit ‘merge into one another’ a bit.

Things like the calories etc. are a nice touch but again I would try to make them stand out e.g. try a coloured bar behind them (just to see if it works) just so they do not all merge into the copy below.

social icons are a bit small (esp in header and recipes) - i’d use wider/rectangular share buttons on recipe pages just to add emphasis

It is great that you are not crowding the design but there is a fine line between relevant spacing and too much empty space in places. As I said there are some very nice touches and features it is just about bringing those together and modernizing a little.

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One more thing - it renders really nicely on a phone but those gallery titles don’t look good on mobile and you need to check your navigation on iPhone as it is not fixed (scrolls way over to the right)

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thank you so much

Hi mamak24! sorry for it, i know how it feels, after working hard then waiting for review and finaly get hard rejection by email. But cheers up! You’re not only one that got hard rejection my friend! I’m also learning, so rather than judging your work, i will give you some tips. Hope it will useful…

1. Change Your Focus
If Your goal is to be accepted during review, change it. Just rookie will think that way. Rather than focus to be accepted during review, it would be better to focus on how buyer will response to your item. Ask yourself:

  • Will someone buy my item?
  • How many times it will sold?

So, if you focus on buyer, i think it will increase accepting rate during review. I have tried it.

2. Always Test Your Work
*Before submited, it better to test Your work. How? *

  • Leave your work at least a day, then view it again. It will change your point of view. You’ll find any weakness of your design. If there isn’t any then your design have passed the first test
  • Asking for other designer to test your design. It will reveal other weakness. If there isn’t any, then your work have passed the second test
  • Then, asking for somebody who didn’t know much about design to test it. It will reveal UX problem.
  • Write down every tester says, if it said by more than 1 person then it actually happen on your design.

3. Always Make Your Item Ready Before Submited

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

  • Abraham Lincoln

You see? Alwas make your item ready!

So, Keep the hard work, and success will follow. Cheerss!!

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Oh yeah! one last thing, Don’t stop learning!

“Stay foolish, stay hungry”

  • Steve Jobs
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Those are pretty good ideas, thank you so much for mention them to me, really thank you
this :rose: is for you and charlie