I need to improve my design (REJECTED !! NEED TIPS)

I designed a login/register ui on eco concept it looks quite good to me but it got rejected, please give me some tips on how i could improve my designs, i want to design for envato standard. thanks

btw the link to the item that has been rejected :

Personally I would choose another font, maybe make it bigger; But what I really think you should change, is to give a little bit more contrast between the backgrond and the texts, because, if you pay attention, the sentence below the titles (WELCOME/SIGN UP) is a bit hard to read.

i personally do not believe that there is anything wrong with the font or typo combinations, now here they are crazy about them, they can let go some very flat and really poor item as long as they feel that fonts are good enough. Sorry to say just that but this work is not only about typos and there is much more to take into account that they do … . Besides for this type of item, the kind of font that is used is serious and yes maybe plain but also professional and sorry to say just that but creativity in all websites / apps things is more than limited today with all these portal like designs that u see everywhere , in other words , i do not see why he would suffer from it when a lot of other guys can gat through with the same kinds of items , fonts and so on …

the work he showed us is tasty an looks good enough , as for making things popping up a little bit more, yes if he can find a way that would be a cool thing but let’s face it at this time this is readable and sometimes , for some items, like flyers, to talk about something i know well, they reject some some or consider that this is not readable for some when some others with the same styles and so on can get through , which is a total flaw, things in the same conditions are all to be rejected or all to be accepted, strange divisions of same things with one result in one side and another on the other side are just proving that the reviewing system is made of a lot of incoherence

is that it ? but they said its too far off the standards they require?
this design is based on iOS concept, i can’t make the fonts bigger, it would ruin the design. I hope you understand

Thanks for appreciating my work, i definitely agree with you and i extremely doubt the reviewing system, i looked up on the Internet and found out that a lot of designers are switching to other markets, some of them think that envato thinks that they have items in graphics category for now that is why they are being rude.
I am gonna try again but at least they should have gave me some comments, i have no idea what i have done wrong, which led me here

lol well i understand what u try to explain indeed as, as for me i just have had a hard rejection with my latest flyer , i first of all have no idea why, then i think that the new premed message is even ruder than the former one (not to mention even less individualized in the end , that is hard to believe but however this is how i feel …) and after all this they say click to get a possible additional information and guess what there is nothing , in other words u are left to believe that this is just a matter of taste or i do not know what … especially when u are far from being a new comer (this is what happens for me). Indeed, if u look for a bit consideration from this place then u should better belong to TF, which is the inly place that really matters here … problem is that without all the other divisions, well indeed they would make much much less money …

I can’t say why they rejected your project, but I agree with you guys. I’m still trying to figure it out what are their “standards”. I submited only one item so far and it for rejected. Now I’m submiting here in the forums my projects so I can get your opiniões first