[Hard reject] My template was rejected. Help me understand why?

Hi. My Wedding template was rejected. Need you help to understand where I was wrong


Your typography needs update. If i were you, i will change the font to Robot Slab and for heading i will use Great vibes. Also you need to put attention on line spacing and font sizes as well - best of luck!

Thanks for your answer. And what about design?

Does anyone else have any ideas? Really need your help.

Typography is one half of design and most important factor here for design acceptance. If typography would be better, this design would not be bad and would have chance with small changes e.g make lines for circles and contact form lighter and more tin, make menu links align: center; add some social icons in footer etc…

Thank you! So I need fix issue with typography and add more features, but my designer specially made menu links with align: left.

Typography is most important, not just to change font family but to have proper sizes for h and p tags, good space, margins, line height etc…

I see. Thanks one more time

@FairyTheme: Theme design looks okay but work on typography. Use google web fonts and read more about typography. Check http://www.modularscale.com/.

By the way, for how many days your template was in queue? Current review length shows average 8 days. Did you get rejection on 8th or 9th day?

Thank you for reply. I get reject on 9th day

Take a look on tutplus for typo tutorials and please, try to replace Lobster font with whatever you want but not Lobster.
Also, you have some scripting problems with that image carousel. It seems like the images go to the right whatever I do with the mousewheel. Use Owlcarousel. Your Google Map pin is too damn right. You should place it in the middle. I had to find it. Pick a good color in order to be easy to fing it. There is a website with Google maps skins. Also, your navigation bar is too disturbing and big and too many decorations. I suggest you to spend more time on tutplus because there are great tutorials which helps you improve your skills. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you)) and what’s the problem with Lobster?

It is hated by some people. I honestly like it; but there are others fonts that can make your website heading. Use something like it and use a sans serif font as basic (try lato, quick sand, open sans). Lobster gives a “childish” or “playful” impression for me in this case. Idk, there are different points of view.