Another hard reject today! :((

I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve uploaded this into Logos and today it was rejected

What kind of logo projects did you have in mind for this music when you uploaded this?

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I would make it simpler, a ten second melody is enough information for a logo. Think about what kind of company is going to be and think an arrengement that gives that melody the character you are looking for

Nothing in particular, but the same kind of thing as my previous logo. In my portfolio. And the same “sad piano logo” that already on audiojungle, but it’s not a corporate stuff, isn’t it? It’s all different and point is in emotion

I think it’s good for drama teaser

If you listen to that other logo and compare it with this track it should become obvious why this one wasn’t accepted. The other one had a simple motive and build, a clear idea that makes it suitable as a logo, while this one is all over the place, both harmonically and dynamically, and on top of that too long. Imho, try to stick to a clear, well defined idea and take it from there. Good luck!