Logo Hard Reject

Hi, fellows. Could you help me with understanding what is the reason of this rejection?

I am honestly not sure. Maybe it needed more depth? instead of a single cello note. Same with the pizzicato maybe. I would say add fx or something but that might deviate the logo from its original purpose.

Well, it doesn’t sound like a logo, but like a couple notes of strings. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try to do something more interesting.

Good luck!

@JVsouls Honestly - I cannot imagine any brand or purpose for what it will fit. You described it as elegant. I am interested in your thoughts.

  • which purpose you have in mind for that logo? Imagine you’re a buyer…for which kind of product or brand or animation should your logo stand for?
  • In your eyes/ears: What makes your logo unique and very special?
  • which mood transports your logo? Positive/Negative?
  • which elements are elegant in this logo? Do you mean the sound or the composition?

I barely have any experience so take my advice with a grain of salt. I thought the first note is too long before the interesting pizzicato notes. Also, I feel the decrescendo at the 1 second mark was too sudden and I felt it should have more gradual. Envato says the watermark should not distract from music, maybe make your watermark a little quieter?

I LOVE the hesitation before the last note. I could hear this in something sneaky, intense, suspenseful, or a scary movie. So think of products/companies that sell that kind of idea.

Or maybe it could only be the pizzicato notes and it would sound completely different and happier. Then I hear as a AT&T or Verizon kind of commercial.:woman_shrugging:t2:

Good luck!:four_leaf_clover: