An item approved six months ago, reject now in a bundle

One of my item rejected in bundle for the reason that it doesn’t meet quality requirements now. The item was published six months ago. Can anybody has any idea about this new rule or the new design requirements?

The item is in top ten items under hot under $15 and New Bestsellers. still its not good for selling as a bundle?

hi they will tell u that standards have been raising … it also happened to me a while ago with clearly working well items and what was simply a new format of a good selling design… if u have time to waste u can try to open a ticket for some people it may work, otherwise, u will get an answer to tell u that they made the right choice … (in the best case, this is what u may have to deal with, otherwise, the help center may also tell u that they cannot do anything about reviewing issues, too and u may have no one to talk to)