Bundle Item Rejectted

It is joke ? any author or reviewer can be expline it? I have facing this problem in 2nd time.

If The Bundle Have All of Approved items.

try mentioning to reviewer " in message to reviewer section"

or maybe the items are not enough to make as bundle - try adding more items in that bundle.

Hi @Axpand, I faced just a same problem once. See here, sometimes they mix-up between Bundle and Pack as what happened to me, just send them a help request at envato help center and explain that all the items included on your bundle are already reviewed and accepted by Envato reviewer before and have been listed on the Envato Market, they help center staff are very helpful and your problem will be resolved in no time.

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Thanks @GridRide , I Resubmit my Bundle Item and send a message for reviewer. last 2 month my few quality item + bundle all are rejected by reviewer. In this moment i am hopeless for this rejection.

You could post some preview images here, get some feedback on your work?

@SpaceStockFootage This bundle i’v made in 3 Single item(single item already approved on envato market). By the way Thanks for your opinion.

Ah right, didn’t realise that.