Amazing Gray Paw!


Oh, God! My English is terrible, but I will try:
Finally - today time to celebrate “Gray paw” for me!!!
(level five - I gues… sorry, but I perceive colors better than numbers :slight_smile: )

It was very long way for me. And finally it happen! )))

I know - many authors will laugh because now many can get this level for a few months if you can write every day, or if you are genius, or have Featured File )))). But for me it was almost four years.

So I want say BIG THANK YOU Envato for I can make money via making music. I this four years I learn many things for making music, some feautures, some styles and thanks Envato for this opportunity! Because of you, I can see my music use in all world and (I hope) make people happy. :)))
I cant make my music it so fast as some talented authors in 2-3 hours. For me in one track need 80 - 120 hours, then it have chance to be a quality and usable, but I will try make more quality music and hope it will be more trend, more usable and more interesting!

So, thank you Envato Team again, thank you my first reviewer - Andy Slatter, NiKiN and all other reviewers for your usefull advices (I still remember all of them :slight_smile: ), and thank you to ALL great community of Audiojungle authors!


Silver paw :slight_smile: Congrats!!!


KR_Music, You said it better than all of us combined. Congratulations on the silver paw and all of your great contributions to Audio Jungle. :slight_smile:


So Cool!!! My Congrats for you and wish a lot of sales in the future!!!


Congratulations on your new paw woo hoo!


Congrats. It’s all good, no matter how long it takes! :sunglasses:


Yay, that’s awesome!! Congrats on the silver paw!! :sparkles: :confetti_ball:


Guys thank you so mutch! For all your words!


Hahaha!!! Finally, now I know - whose gray paw it was!!! ))))))))))))))))


Awesome accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself! For what it’s worth: I can hear the 120 hours work in your tracks, very high quality stuff, my friend!

Enjoy it and let’s go for the next paw!


Flowsopher, thank you for this words, my friend, it gives strength!


Congratulations, mate! Well deserved success!


this is huge! congrats :wink:


Way to go, KR! Well deserved! :smile:

Keep up the great work.




I know this feeling, bro. Good luck with future sale! :smile:


Thank you, my friends!!!


@KR_Music Congrations :slight_smile:


Congratulations, mate!)


Awesome! If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Well done. :smiley: