Very Happy after getting PAW 5

I wanted to share with all of you that yesterday I finally got the award for paw 5.
In my case it has not been easy since I have been a very irregular author throughout all these years. I also love creating tracks in categories that are perhaps not the most commercial nor are they the ones that sell the most in this Envato market.

The reviewers here have always had open mind to accept proposals as risky as mine opening doors that have allowed me all these years to gain self-esteem as a musician and digital artist.

Thank you everybody see you on the way!
Octopusic :slight_smile:


Nice work Octopusic! Iā€™m right behind you. Perhaps you can show me the secret handshake when I get there? :wink:


Congratulations :slight_smile: I am waaaaay behind you, still chasing :slight_smile:

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Congrats octopus!!!

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Nice milestone, congrats! :slight_smile:

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