All sounds from Logic X, but Sony Music claims for copyright on Youtube?

Dear friends,
I have made an track here with all sound came from Logic X that is free royalty music and sound too.
But when i upload the track, Sony Music have claimed for copyright audio content. And yes, the track Sushi Grooves used the same instrument loop from Logic too. (listen to that track here - Shushi Grooves. Oh my God, what if my customer buy the track and upload to Youtube for promotion?
I have disputed about this, but i think this will happen in future with my customer. I love this track absolutely.
What i should do beside disputing the copyright in 30 days???
Thank you very much.

My track on Audio Jungle here :

Hi, thats very annoying. Had this problem too a few years ago. I think it is because an Sony BMG artist used the samples in his track, and the content detection machine think it is this track because of similarities. I wrote to youtube and explained and explained that I have the full rights for my track. They unlocked it then…

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thank you. Maybe i should change something for this track. It’s a big company in the industry. Youtube and Sony are big partners each other. Hope i get better luck.

Thats an opportunity. Don’t resign, it’s their failure, not yours :wink:

yes, But i think it is not convenient for my customer. It takes time for the copyright. You know.
Thank you very much @FOXYAudio

You’re welcome

Please excuse me if I ask stupid questions. And yes, probably I am a bit “slow thinking” too…
You used the sounds that came with Logic and were blamed for copyright infringements?
Then one should talk to Apple… If they have time and money to discuss with Samsung about design questions, they should also find the time to clarify samples before they sell their software.
(I’m not against Apple, on the contrary. Ok… I hate them sometimes, but I use their products every day :smirk: )

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Yes, I think i am not alone in this situation. The loop instruments from Logic X copyrighted by another company. That’s stupid here. The world is too complicate. :joy:

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I agree with you that the world has become quite complicate.

But when one buys a software including free samples (not just royalty free) then that should be anything but complicated.
Or am I just a dreamer? Is there probably something I missed?
I just remember that the user manual was big when I bought Logic. Really, really big.
Probably one needs more than a livetime to read it all. But yeah, one never knows…probably there are some rules on page 1521 or so, saying something like “Sony Music may claim for copyright” (sounds a bit like “do not add water to your DAW if the song is too dry”)…

It’s just weird and absurd. And you do not deserve this.

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thank you.

No, no, no. The loop is not owned or copyrighted by Sony at all. It is just that another artist used the same loop and added their music to YouTube’s content ID system (via Sony), and YouTube thinks that the whole song is original. The song is what is registered, not the loop. Sadly, the song contains the loop and this system doesn’t know that…

This is the danger of using loops in today’s Content ID world folks!


I suspect this actually happens all the time, sometimes when you aren’t using loops. I’ve had it happen on a song where a live guitar part I played matched a guitar part or loop on another song playing exactly the same thing I played and the rest of the song was similar. Content ID only does this when the whole picture is similar and both songs in this case are fairly similar to begin with. The loop just increased the probability and would not have caused the situation by itself. It’s an easy fix and Sony won’t sue you over it since it’s clearly not infringement.

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It’s easy for me. But what will happen with my customers after purchasing the track? It’s an annoying to them. And the simple way is change a little bit of the song. It’s not bad after i changed it.
Thank you very much @AAMediaMusic @Flumen @BluePaw @FOXYAudio

LongXmusic - your answer for Sony Music :

“…All sample from the loop libraries that are coming with Logic Pro
and available for free to any buyer of this product. If you think that it’s
abuses your rights for this loop, please contact Apple for copyright issues.…”

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