Need some Support

I am a massive Synthwave fan and I produce this type of music myself.

I recently found a video on YouTube link here.

I read the Title of the video and thought it was copyright free background music Royalty free.

I have used this audio in my ad breaks as background music purely thinking it was Royalty free.

I would never used someone else’s work and when people have asked in the comments who the song was by and what is was called I did give credit to the artist and the song playing.

Now that I am reading on my Channel that this is not the case I need some help or support from here on what I need to do?

I am new to streaming & I have contested the claim only on the fact that the YouTube video title I followed was misleading & that I didn’t intestinally try to use other peoples music/work without a licence to do so.

If anyone can help in this situation it would be much apricated and whom I should contact directly would be even better.

Thank You. Mr Pritchard

Hi Ricky, here is the track that you will need to purchase if you want to use it in your videos:

For most YouTube-only uses, the standard licence will be ok. But you will need to buy a licence for each of the videos that use the music, unless they are a part of a dedicated series. For more information about the Audio Jungle licences and how they apply, you can read all about it here:

and here:

Ahh, sorry, you mention youtube streaming. I’m not sure what the Audio Jungle policy is for video streamers. Perhaps another author might have more accurate information regarding this. If not, you can send a support ticket to Envato to get a definitive answer.

Thanks for the fast response

Only other issue I have is that sometimes the ads went on for 5 mins or So, So I left the tracks running and sometimes I skipped along the tracks so they wasn’t too repetitive in the adds.:frowning:

I guess we all live and learn pal But I have done about 24 hours straight streaming and I have claims on the add music so I was hoping to resolve the issue if I like add the title of song the artist etc and give full credit to them in my videos? My last 4 videos have all had over 100k views and I am trying to edit the music out of them as an alternative but If I could come to some agreement with the owner I would apricate that rather than just deleting all your music and adding in my own.

Like I said in my first message. I love Synthwave too & it’s why I played it all not knowing it was copyright which now Ive unfortunately found out. :slight_smile:

Here is my last video link

The author of the music that you have used is @MARiAN who is active here in the forums.

I understand the confusion that you have had because the Envato tuts video title mistakenly (surely?) says copyright-free music. I’m sure MARiAN would have something to say about that. Envato need to be more careful about the wording of these promotional videos as it makes it sound like it’s free to use music, which I’m guessing that it is not.

100%. I was lead to believe this or I wouldn’t have used it :frowning:

I and my family have all been diagnosed with Covid since Friday So I thought I would stream some Snooker and I have had nearly half a million views in 4 days. It’s growing very fast!. If MARiAN can remove the copyright claims against me I will add the rights to his music in every video and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a extra half a million new listeners to it with a link to it maybe?

I don’t know, I’m just running out of options but I didn’t really want to remove his music because it was getting good response in live chat.

I have subscribers from all over the world & I am sure if he would contact me we could come to some arrangement?

I have never been in this position before but understand it from both sides.

So hope it get resolved where everyone is happy :slight_smile:

This is the title of the video before it get changed …

Synthwave Music [Full Tracks] | Royalty Free Background Music Copyright Free Music

Yes, it’s a pretty disgraceful title. If you have used multiple tracks from that video and not just the one that I mentioned, the video is advertising Elements, which is Envato’s music subscription platform. (Totally separate from Audio Jungle). Dare I say it, you might be better off purchasing a subscription there, since all the tracks in that video are covered under that subscription. (Much as I loath to point a customer in that direction).

I would also mention that it’s worth checking the legalities behind streaming televised snooker through your channel if you haven’t already secured those rights, since if you are using Envato products in projects which themselves are breaching other copyright laws, then the licence won’t be valid whether you pay for it or not.

Thanks Cracker you are a star for sure :slight_smile:

I have contacted @MARiAN and was hoping for a reply but after reading your last comment I dont think it actually matters.

I have checked with streaming the snooker and I am fine as long as I dont play the adds. Hence why I switch to break and break music. But that hit me now so I have to find a work around.

I know nothing about streaming laws, so I trust that you are aware of your rights etc.

I don’t want to advise you to do something that is breaking any rules so if I were you I would contact Elements support and explain to them your situation before committing to a purchase.

As it stands, I’m pretty sure that you can’t use the music that you have legitimately for free in any case.

Sorry to hear that you and your family are couped up with Covid. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Na I’m just gonna remove their music from the videos.

I need to get into the edit section and change the music = Job done.

Thank you for your help though It is much appreciated.

Ah, sorry to hear that. I hope you keep Audio Jungle in mind for any future YouTube projects. Also, check out @Osynthw’s stuff, who is a big contributor to the forums and a self professed synthwave fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @rickyp3!
I’ve just sent you a message.
Thanks @criskcracker for helping ricky with the song and for your help.
There is a misconception about what royalty free music is. Royalty free music means that once you purchase a license you don’t have to pay any additional, future royalties.

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Thanks for the response MARiAN.

I understand what the misconception of royalty free is but at the end of the video title it says " Copyright Free " & in the description of the video it says “Find unlimited royalty free synthwave music and millions of other creative assets with one Envato Elements subscription

Which would ALL imply to me & others that the video advertised on YouTube is : Synthwave music [FULL TRACKS] COPYRIGHT FREE Because that is what it clearly states & That if I the person watching the video would like to find UNLIMITED CREATIVE assets I could with one Envato Elements subscription

Video title is Clearly NOT Titled correctly, misleading & not true to gain more subscription to Envato which I have submitted back to YouTube as in which the source of the music I used is actually in the public domain, advertised as being COPYRIGHT FREE Background music and this is what the YouTube video title would and dose suggest.

Do you know something about P.R.O. (Performing Right Organization)?

Hi @criskcracker !
Thanks a lot for your kind words ! :smiley:

@rickyp3 There’s lot of great synthwave and chillwave here on Audio Jungle !

If you need some help about claim or copyright or whatever, we can discuss about it !

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I would guess that Envato titled the video this way because the term ‘Copyright Free’ is perhaps one of the top searches that customers type into google when looking for music to licence for their projects, not fully understanding what the term means or that it is incorrect. I suppose Envato are content to deal with (or more likely ignore) the customers who do understand what this means and complain about it because of the amount of traffic that the search term generates for them.

It’s frustrating and really Envato should know better. But if it puts $s in the bank, I don’t suppose they much care. It’s the same principle with the Elements banner. It makes it sound like the subscription covers everything that is available on the marketplaces when in fact only a small fraction of it is. Many customers complain that they paid a subscription and the item they wanted wasn’t available as part of the subscription. It’s unprofessional, but an acceptable consequence because of the customers who don’t complain, either because that haven’t realised, or because they are actually satisfied with what’s available there. I guess Envato don’t believe in the concept of lying by omission.