all ppl registred 2013 its okey ?

how it work


Could you please detail your post? Currently it’s impossible to understand what exactly you’re referring to.

I do not see new sellers, all who provide services are registered in 2013
I think this is strange and hints that I will not be able to work on these sites

(don’t call out other authors)

this is how it works right? :smiley:
you expose work options
look for people in Ukraine for 20% of the cost of production
and then they write interesting articles on Google which site is good for everyone

so you understand better?

not bad

The video is not very useful for people who do not speak Russian. But it is showing the process of registering to Envato Market, which has nothing to do with Envato Studio (except both are made by same company of course), so I am not sure what point are you trying to make here.

Anyway, Envato Studio was launched in 2013 (as Microlancer). Apparently most of the current authors were there right from the start and since it is invite only, not that many new freelancers were added in later years. It is either that or they have a bug on the profile pages.

I do not see new authors
or other

1 ?)

You will find plenty for example in this category:

Anyway, majority of providers were added in 2013 when the service started, or when new categories were added. So what is your point again?

me interesting its

where all other ppl ?

I am looking for opportunities for myself and in which direction I will develop
and now I see that your system will bend me up and send me to work for 1000 dollars for these people

With all due respect but you have it totally mixed up.

Envato Studio is invite-only, you can’t just register there as a provider.

Envato Market (e.g. ThemeForest, GraphicRiver etc.) is open for (almost) everyone, you can freely register there and submit items. When they pass review, you can sell them.

BTW, you already are a registered author:

Make sure to notice the “Member since September 2020” in header :slight_smile:

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good joke

BTW to answer your previous question “where all other ppl ?”:

Here are all ThemeForest authors who made at least one sale:

ty ty
statistics are power :smiley:
right now I will find everyone for 2018-2020, check their work and know what to teach
easy win

It is not that easy, but everything is possible with enough determination. Good luck!

Also, if you are interested in “latest trends” then simply taking a look at recent bestsellers will be much better idea then searching through the list of authors: