All of the images in my theme vanished after the last update.

Hi folks. I just took over a site from another web designer and the theme is UNCODE (WP Version 5.3.2). The site arrived in good working order but after the update to 5.3.2, all of the images vanished, including the logo in the header.

I’m a novice WP user but everything appears in order to me and I don’t believe I’ve done anything to cause the problem.

The theme is registered but not to me. I have a registration code but not a user name and password for support.

Is there anybody from tech support who can advise me how to proceed in getting my website back to its original state?


Your best option would be to purchase a copy of the theme for yourself whereby you get your own license (in case the original developer tried to use the same copy elsewhere) and 6 months support

Depending how long ago the theme was purchased then the purchase code may give access to support (you’d have to try and register it on the developer’s support portal

Are you sure it’s the latest version of:

  1. the theme (released on 20.12.19)?
  2. the hosting PHP version?
  3. WordPress itself (version 5.3.2)

Excellent advice all. Thanks so much! I will do that!