Uncode update from 1.4.1 to 2.2.3 breaking header images, logo and responsive view.

I have a site that I didn’t build and are help to fix for a friend. He’s just updated the wordpress 5.3.2 but it’s made the Uncode theme unstable loosing header images, logos on desktop and loose of more photos on the responsive version.

Any ideas where I can get some info to fix.
I think Uncode is 1.4.1 which might need a patch or upgrade to 2.2.3 but can’t find where to get this from. Any new license to buy?
Any help would be appreciated.


Contact with your purchase item author @undsgn right here as a comments hope they will helped!


Thanks. I’ll see how I get on. Although we are thinking it might be easier to just build a new site. Most likely time.
Thanks for your help.