[again] Why rejected my business card?

I am writing the wrong size in the preview, what is the effect?

Please upload preview of business card again. front-side and back-side.

You made A4 size business card and you don’t know why it was rejected? hehehehhee

Correct the description because I see you put there info that this is A4 size :slight_smile:

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just a mistake on the description, I hope get soft rejection. because I’ve got a lot of rejection before, hahaha

thanks for his opinion, i will fix that :slight_smile:

seen from the project

When I spot some mistakes in my design after it was uploaded I don’t wait for soft rejection, I just simply delete an item from upload, fix it and send it again :slight_smile:

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I did not check back the uploaded file. and I just found out the error of writing the size now, thanks for the suggestion :grin:

Don’t worry - I had more than 10 times when my item was approved and later I spotted some mistakes and I corrected when item was on the market.

But in your case I suggest to delete , correct and reupload again for review because preview_image update = review again (reviewer time waste :slight_smile:

Your logo is for “Photography business card”.
What size you use for Contact Icon, Logo and QR Code?

okay, I’ll fix the description and wait for another opinion to improve the quality of my business card :smile:

Do I need to change company name and slogan related to photography?

Size Used
Logo = width: 124 px, height: 124 px
Qr Code = width: 117 px, height: 117 px (I give the smart object space width: 128 px, height: 128 px)
Contact Icon (Phone) = width: 30 px, height: 24 px
Contact Icon (Email) = width: 27 px, height: 22 px
Contact Icon (Location) = width: 24 px, height: 30 px
Icon Bg = width: 52 px, height: 52 px

I give a different size on the contact icon, what is not allowed?

Font Used (Roboto and Lato)
Company Name = 11 pt
Slogan = 7 pt
Name = 12 pt
Title Job = 7 pt
Contact Infomation = 7 pt

Hi bro.:grinning:

---->>>>First i thought your item is for Corporate business card…:blush:
I don’t think you need to change name for related.
If you wanna design Photography business card i think you should add photo to your business card i recommend you see other Photography business card on Envato.

I think you must read articles.
“Accepted icon sizes are 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024.”
and i think you should not use different size for icons. i use 16px x 16px for Contact icon.
Do you use Contact icon PNG or EPS file?
Do you create Help file for your item?
Do you add fonts link in Help file?

—>>>> One where i see font size that should not less than 6 pt. it is should between 6pt and 11pt.

For more information read this article exactly then design new item :

These are my experience after rejected 5 times my business card.
Your design is good.
Do not worry and keep on your try.

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Crazy !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What you say is true, I make an item for corporate business card… but I am confused for the logo selection that should be used… :sweat_smile:

I use eps and psd for contact icon
I always make a help file in every item created, and also
add font link in Main File
I will read the terms, check the size, format, of course the first is the logo and company name used, hehee

I am always unlucky when creating a design that must insert a logo. maybe this is the reason why they are rejecting constantly :grin:

thanks for his opinion bro… :grin:

Thanks HyenANDWilddog a lot. I am learn more from your comment… would your please find my rejected item bugs I will very much benefited…
I can email to you, if you have a sort of time for helping me…
Thanks you…
Please give your reply I will very much proud…

Hi bro.
Sorry for my late reply.
i do not check few day my email.
you can email me with mahdimotallebe@gmail.com
again sorry for late reply

as for me, for aesthetic issues, i would take out the blue part on on top of the card that is going out of the black shape , but this is just a detail lol :slight_smile:


Hahahaha I just wanted to write the same answer when I saw A4 Size up there hahahahaha :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: