Again our advanced item got hard-rejected.

Hello everyone,

Again our item got hard-rejected and we can’t know the main reason for this.

We have read all the requirements of Envato and of WordPress, Our theme is ready to check by:

  • Envato Theme Plugin
  • Theme Check Plugin
  • Theme Unit Test
  • HTML Validator
  • CSS Validator
  • JS Validator
  • PHP Validator

There’s no one error in the theme or the plugin of the theme so when we thinking we don’t know exactly what’s the problem in the codes or the design.

To be more honest we are sure 100% that our codes are very professional and clean because of this our main work for years (PHP).

But if the problem in the design so the item doesn’t deserve the hard-rejected, We really can’t understand the problem and can’t know from where to begin so we really need help from professionals people.


The problem is the design quality(not at required level) and the sizes (few features and pages).

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Thank you for your reply.
Do you think re-design the pages without footer and header is enough? Or also buttons, forms, typography, spaces, etc…

I would suggest you not to remake or rework on it as its not going to be approved once its hard rejected. Its better you upload on your own website and sell it for $25 and you will for sure make some enough money. I suggest you to add few more pages as said by @Schiocco consider adding features and more 2 three pages then sell it on your own website. Do not waste time you have invested on this development.

I knew how it feels after getting hard rejected.

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To be more honest I can’t sell the item directly from my own website I will not gain any money until making many ads and I can’t do that at this moment.

About add new features this is the best help center theme existing in any market trust me no one can know how many systems this theme has until trying it.

And the same thing to add extra pages this theme also have many extra pages more than any theme similar to it. Also, this kind of themes doesn’t need many pages it’s help center theme so it should be very easy to use and simple.

Here’s the full features list:

Thank you for your reply and for RESPECT my efforts on the item.

Can you explain more please? I can’t understand you :frowning:

Oh really? :smiley:
Thank you we know our way.