Theme hard rejected even it has been developed from a previously validated theme



After many months of development, our theme got hard rejected. That’s pretty frustrating because it has been developped from a previously validated theme. We changed the home pages, modified many styles and added more than 10 specific ecommerce features all great shopping websites have. What i don’t understand is that how it can be hard rejected without any hint on why and still expect us to be better next time we submit a theme. Can anyone help me understand why? Here are the homepages:



Aside from the fact that you have validation issues on your code, you have answered your own question.

You are not allowed to adapt a theme or file from here and sell it on any marketplace especially envato.

Adding features and restyling the theme makes no difference if the theme is not your underneath.


Hello charlie4282,
Thank you for your reply. We don’t have validation issue. We have more than 40 remarks in our database from our previous themes based on the underscore framework so we know the kind of validations errors authors usually make and we made sure our theme passes all these including speed testings and W3C compatibility.

About the rights, this was one of OUR previous themes validated by the themeforest team, not another author’s. Even if the code has been reused (who does not reuse code from it’s internal framework?), the two themes are completly different. You can check the other theme demo here and you will only see that only the header menus are similar.


Because its a hard rejected item, you don’t get any feedbacks from the review team.

Here comes the problem, you need to spot the bad points of your item and then try to fix or improve it.

While I don’t see the design as perfect, it is not so bad. But at a first check of both themes, seems that the headers are almost the same.

If you want extra clarifies, you always can get in touch with the Envato Help Team.



Hello ThemeSLR,
Thank you for taking the time to check and reply. If the only reason why it got rejected is the similarity of the headers, i can provide a list of elite and power elite who do the exact same thing. And we are elite authors which mean we know one thing or two about coding. We got 3 themes validated using the same coding style and framework so i’m not sure it’s a bad code related reason… And that’s why i’m so stunned.


If it was your theme originally then that’s different and not an issue (didn’t read it as hat from he first post) still seems to have avoidable issues

Generally is not bad -

  • typography could be improved and is a little inconsistent in places

  • alignment on the left footer widget seems off

  • blog and help page are empty which feels a bit unfinished

  • I’m not 100% sure but thought that using registered trademarks and copyrighted item images was not allowed?


Don’'t know, Have you tried to submit a ticket to Envato, as I mentioned in my last reply?

As I said your current theme is not perfect. So you should improve it.

Also check the points @charlie4282 left as feedback for your item.

All the best


We asked for permissions to the owners in exchange for other services provided to them.
About the blog and help page being empty, we did not bother filling the blog because we were selling an ecommerce theme with some very specific improvements (at least 13 of them, each could be sold as separate plugin). So no, most electronic shops don’t have blogs. But it’s very functionnal. So i’m not sure if any of these issues (which could have been fixed quickly) can cause a hard rejection…


Yes already submitted a ticket. Thank you. We’re working on these points as we speak.