again my 12th logo rejected by quality team ,please help me to know what is the reason behind this.

this is my design please guide me, then iwill make my next logo under the rules

this is my uploaded preview file



The text isn’t aligned with the graphic for starters!

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hi indeed @SpaceStockFootage was right about what he said though for me the real reason for the rejection is the typo … the tagline is too thin and , if u ask me , is clearly not matching with the name … the combo is not working … beautiful logo otherwise …

thank you for reply … is this ok ?..

thank so much for reply … is this ok ?..

as for me i was only thinking about changing the tag line font … i think that , as such , this is flatter now … u just need to go back to the previous version and find a font matching with the title for the tag line …

Still not aligned!


please check this alignment

please check this alignment and font if my font is not so good so can you please suggest me some fonts foe my design. thank you

Perfect alignment! Keep in mind that it’s ‘goes here’ not ‘gose here’.


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this is globally better even if the originality is not super high in the font combination and i personally liked more when u had a more colorful tag line indeed …