After 9 track goes to 'Temporarily held for further review..'

After 9 days…my track goes to 'Temporarily held for further review…'What I expect now ?

A further review


It means that the original reviewer wasn’t quite sure if he should approve or disapprove the tune and he needs an opinion from another reviewer.

I’m not sure how the statistical chances go in situations like this, but I guess there’s higher chance to get disapproval after the review than approval. But good luck, you just have to stay tuned for a bit longer!

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Thanks… I hope its not going to be rejected :tired_face: review time is too long now…my first track was approved within 5 day after soft reject .

thanks … do you have any experience about that ? I really want to know what happen next…? :fearful:

Its gone…I never passed further review successfully, it only served to thin my nerves

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Better to distract to something else this time, as it’s yes, a probation for nerves. I had it twice, with “+” and “–” results.

A patience is a thing for Jungle hunter.

Good luck!

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I had experienced it once and eventually the track was approved. Also it became my bestseller. So good luck my friend!

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Thanks you so much :smiley:

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I’ve had that happen twice, sometimes a reviewer is unsure the track is suitable. One time I mixed a lead guitar that had an echo on it and it was panning hard left, so my bad. I fixed it and it was approved. Don’t worry…

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We are now in the same situation with a Bossa Nova track… For you how long it was the further review process? Thank you :slight_smile:

In the couple of times I had it happen, the added time was 2 days and 1 week. One was rejected and the other approved.

Thanks a lot for the information!