why can be held for further review?




hi friends

this item held for further review. what does it mean? my worse tracks approved at first review with the comment “very good job” but this is not approved. can you tell me your opinions?

thank you


I think it often means that the reviewer wants an second opinion from another reviewer. It doesn’t mean it will get rejected.


i personally like much your item and i think that u could avoid one of teh main problem with sone tracks that is to say to make it a bit too repetitive and in this case only looking at the graph is enough for us to know that u do not have anything like this and when u listen to the song this is crystal clear , as for me i fail to understand why it has been rejected … i like it much


thanks for your opinion, mate :wink:


u are welcome this is only my opinion and all people who know me a bit know that i am honestyl saying how i feel :slight_smile:


i believe you. thanks again :wink:


Track is good, I doubt it’ll get rejected. Maybe you got reviewed by a trainee reviewer who needs validation from their trainer before approving, who knows…


This song reminds me something… I hope I won’t fear you, but I assume that they are checking It on the case of plagiarism