Advice on first upload. Does the watermark just need to be on main track or all included tracks?

Excuse my ignorance but just starting out on here and want to get it right first time. Also is ‘full track’ and a ‘loop’ enough? Any advice would be great

The watermark should not be on all tracks , only in the preview file !)

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You include all your files (full track+versions) in 1 preview file (mp3) and add the watermark to that file. Then you compress your files without watermark in a zipfile. You now have 2 files to upload: the main file(zipped) and the preview file (watermarked).
A full track is enough and its optional to add versions, like a loop.


when compressing, compress all files WAV and MP3 (not the preview), and don’t compress the folder containing them, just compress the files. watch the silence, less than 5 seconds, 1 second optimal

Gotcha. So just compress the actual files and not the folder you put them in? Think i’m understanding now


yes, i compress the folder and got soft rejected

can i ask what you mean by “watch the silence”?

so for clarification do you zip all files individually or just zip the folder containing them all? I am reading from your reply that it is the folder containing them but another member has commented saying do not zip the folder but just the files

Just the folder containing them. See this article.

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Yes, you should end up with 1 zipped folder containing all the files (not the preview).
I’m on a mac and does it like this:

  1. Select all the files
  2. Right click and select “compress files”
  3. Done

Good luck!


They soft rejected one track, because there were about 7 seconds of no sound at the end of my preview