Help about licences

Hi all , looking for some help about my first upload,do i need to protect my tracks before upload, i mean, like creative commons ,or just send the wav and mp3 files in the folder for the buyers?

Thx for your help!

Just send your files, your preview watermark is already an protection. You can use your preview files on such sites like soundcloud, youtube, vimeo, etc.

Good luck

Thank you !

Hi @Nagmusic
mp3 is the file where you put for preview - and that should have the watermark (the woman that says audiojungle)
On the zip folder that you compres (zip, not rar) put only your wav (not the mp3)
And if by protection you mean so it doesn’t get misused you can create an account at
upload your track (as mp3 - without the watermark) and you’ll get notified for your track on youtube.
People who buy the item can add the code so its totally fine for them!
But you get warned if others use / misuse it.

Thanks a lot ! now i can focus on making music :relieved:

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