Help me:)You need to remove the watermark from the zip file"



Thanks for your feedback.My song is not ready because you wrothe me:,You need to remove the watermark from the zip file".I dont understand what to remove.The wathermark from the song or the song with wathermark out of the zip file?
please help me :slight_smile:



In your zip you should have your main track, or tracks, without a watermark. Nothing else. Your watermarked preview should be uploaded separately from the main zip file, and that should contain a watermark.

Sounds like you included your preview track in the zip or added a watermark to your main file.


Thanks SSF:)That help me a loth:)


Now i have another problem:):Sorry but you did not attach any files to the dropdown field after uploading…?please help me


Sounds like you clicked on upload, selected your new files, waited until they uploaded, and then clicked submit… without using the dropdowns to add your uploads to the relevant slots.


Ahaa ok.I change that.So i hope now it will be everyting ok.Thank you a lot


No worries!


hello spacy please i am new in the site i succesfully upload my track but i forget to put the watermark …now what must to do ?thanks man


It’ll get soft rejected if there’s no watermark. Reviews for soft rejected items are a lot quicker than normal ones… so the best course of action depends on how long the item has been in the queue. If you’ve only just uploaded it, then you’re probably best deleting it from the queue, fixing the issue, and then uploading again. If it’s been in the queue for a while, then I’d wait until you get the soft reject and then resubmit.


no but my track i snow playing without watermark my track is in my portfolio


Hmm, that shouldn’t be right. I’d go to the edit item option and upload a new preview track.


ok i am gonna upload only the previw track isnt it?


when i upload the new previw track syas Validation failed: Reason You must include some comments to the reviewer


Might be worth including some comments to the reviewer.


ohhhh :frowning: ok thanks for help spacy thanks a lot


Spacy you can review to my item?


No, I’m afraid not. Only the hallowed brotherhood of reviewer monks on review mountain, hold the sacred power of reviewing items. Resubmissions are usually pretty quick though. They’re good like that.