AdRev and PRO conflict of interest

Hi fellow music peeps…
Would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of any conflict of interest between having songs registered with both AdRev AND a PRO (ascap).

I realize they each serve totally different purposes, but would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of any situation where having songs registered with both AdRev and ascap would create any kind of issue or problem. Thanks for reading and any feeback is greatly appreciated!!

No conflicts. And as far as I know AdRev theoretically can automatically help PRO in collecting royalties.

AdRev collects money from monetization.
PRO collects royalties.

As you said, they serve two totally different purposes.


PRO collects royalties.

To be very specific. PRO or PERFORMING RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS…collect royalties for “public performances” which is defined by broadcasts or performances on TV networks, cable tv networks, local tv networks, radio, films, advertisements, stadiums, restaurants, retail stores, concerts…and now slowly but surely “Internet Streaming”. Spotify, apple Music, netflix, facebook, youtube, instagram and so on. That internet scenario is still not easily defined how PRO’s are paying for “performances” which are really “streams”, but they are paying something. I often see a few bucks on my PRO statements.

ADREV simply monetizes music on videos through the Content ID system by placing advertisements on the YOUTUBE videos. The copyright holder or rights owner of the video then collects “advertising revenue” from google.

Your music can be registered in both data bases.


I was curious about this too thanks for asking

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My question is if your work was broadcasted on TV via a commercial how do you submit the work to PRO if the advertising company did not fill out a cue sheet?