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Hi ,
I’m a matte painter and I’m facing a problem concerning photoshop . I was working on a psd. file and after finishing my work I press ctrl+s to save it but unfortunately in the middle of the saving process the c.p.u. has been turned off because of the u.p.s fault
After restarting the system, I try to open my same psd file but I got an error msg. (could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of photoshop). I’m using photoshop cs4. plz let me know if there is any possibility to get my data back. Even as jpeg file… I worked so hard on that project. Thanks.

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Hi I am not sure if it helps, but try to take a look in temporary folders of Ps. I remeber that long time ago I did something like this to save crashed files.

Serach google for “photoshop temporary files location mac / win”.

hi buddy, this kind of issue happened to me several times when i started working as a designer about 13 years ago and the system that i came up with, this is always saving as and creating a new file every time u save this is not perfect a system but at least u can make sure that u do not lose it all if such a problem happens. I can really advice to save as often as possible too, this is a good way to lose as less time and effort …

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Also another important thing to mention, CS4 is pretty old. There are upgrades and updates as far back 2009, 2010. In design, that’s a looot of time. Try something like CS6 or Adobe CC, both of which have auto file recovery!

Hi …,
This is why I’m a big advocate of working on a copy of your file. You may have a temp file on your system that was created when you did the save, otherwise you are out of luck - the file is corrupted.
On large files you should not only save often but use the “Save As…” command to save copies and not overwrite your working file each time.

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Here is more about recovering Adobe Photoshop documents

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Thank you guys for your feedback and help. Sorry, that long time did not respond. This is because the issue was solved and I forgot to tell.) Thank you!

yes absolutely not to mention that in case , somethign happened, like u have been working on your file but preferred whet u had done beforehand, if u simply save all is gone, in the case u use save as , u can go to pick up a version back then where u had a better work on progress

Problem solved.