My layers from psd disappear why ? Please help :(


Yestarday i work on a CD&DVD Artwork, all day, he was almost finish, i had to finish behind, all look super, and i work very much on him. I save the project PSD, ( i don’t happened this never ) i restart my pc and when i open de psd, suprise, none layer, all a background black and guidlines from the part and when i put the names of songs or artist etc…I see on internet maybe happenend because i don’t checked the Layers case from “Save as” that didn’t happenend ever, never look on this case because all the time all work perfect. I now i’m disparate, how to return on the all layers and all i work, I WANT TO REMIND, THE PSD FILE IS THE 128 MB EVEN IF IT’S ONLY A BACKGROUND. Please help me, please. Thanx.
That’s a JPG, from not finnaly project, only a test save by just so…
And this is error.


hi i did not get it , u save as a jpg file? because if so this maybe part of the problem … cehcking for options when u save is a good idea too , of course, if i were u i would also sqve as anytime rather than just saving

i remember a few years back before i started to do something like this several times i had a problem with opening the concerned file and lost my work …if u save as u still have a version not so old in which u almost have all your work ad limit possible problems …