Admin panel for a wordpress theme

Hello, I’m thinking of creating a wordpress theme with an admin panel in which it would be possible to change theme-specific fields like “About me” section and so on.

I’m following this tutorial:

The thing is - I see that they place the admin plugin in wp-content/plugin directory. If I understand correctly, the plugin will then be available for any theme that’s currently in use, which in my opinion makes no sense if it’s a theme-specific admin panel.

My question is - is that even ok to create a Themeforest WP theme with such a plugin? Isn’t it that we only upload the theme folder itself?

Hi there!

Yes you are allowed to build a plugin containing the About Us admin page functionality into the plugin. After that, you can use TGM Plugin Activation inside your theme to bundle the plugin. This way, your clients, after activating the theme will see a notice to install bundled plugin. :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


This pretty much solves it for now, thanks!