Is Disabling front Admin Bar in Themes allowed by Themeforest ?

Hello great community !

I am working on a Theme where I created 2 additional kinds of users with special privileges.

So my question is it allowed to turn off the admin bar in the front end ?
Should it be done in the theme or in accompanying plugin ?

Thank you in advance

You will get a message from the reviewer saying not to remove the WP admin bar from the front end.

You may use it while developing your theme but your theme should account for the admin bar nevertheless.

@Maxdp Thank you so much for prompt reply,

I understand that this applies to Administrators, contributers, editors … etc …

But my theme will have two new User Roles, used by theme accompanied plugin for people to sign up and use theme features, which is really weird to allow them use the backend.

So does this rule also apply to Custom User Roles ?

Appreciate your help !:slight_smile:

As a normal user, i should have the ability to go over the backend to change my settings.

This is how wordpress works by default so i don’t see why you should remove the admin bar.

As a user, in the settings, i have the ability to remove the admin bar.

So there should be no need to remove it.

Thank you so much for advice … much appreciated !