Additional Preview Images Size and Limit


Do you have idea for ideal size and image limit for additional preview images?

Ticket created on Oct 14: 3347737

You can include additional images which show off your item. Additional images must be named in the order that you want them to appear, for example, 02_.jpg, 03_.jpg, 04_.jpg.

These images may be cropped when displayed on the search results page to the same aspect ratio as the main preview image. Images must be JPGs or PNGs.


590x width, height is up to you


And limit how many maximum preview images?

I don’t think there’s any but if you have the demo URL, it’s not necessary to upload images there.
Buyers usually check the demo link, not the images ( they want to see the working demo/test it )
That section is more for GR and other marketplaces, I believe


You are right but i am planning to add admin screenshots so wanted to know more about preview images