Helo my dear team please answer me 2 questions.

1.its proplem if i use for this size In preview screenshots. 1170px X 1500px.

2A.I will use the measurements to make the page after I collect the pictures.

2B.Or I will give each picture a cone size and then I will use it in one folder and then I will attach it to a zip file.

2A,2B which correct?

Hi @horyaalgroup, for item screenshots where all images in .jpg/.png and max width 900px but better to keep max 800px.

You can check this presentation how to upload item in codecanyon:


I watch the video and he helped me in a good way.

So i asked if my width will be 800px what height will be can use same size width and height e.g 800pxX800px

Height will be proportional with the width of the image, not a fixed size.

You mean every size of height can use eg
W-800px X H-900px

Height can be any size. For example your screenshot image width 1366px and height 3200px. now resize the image (using software like photoshop) with 800px and let the software resize the height accordingly mean proportional.

Thanks sir

I received a message from the envato team asking them to use a size of 590X300

590X300 for preview image in codecanyon and themforest.

The answer you received from Envato support is for themforest. In themeforest if you want to add multiple images for Theme Preview then the first image appears on the Item Page and Search Results and must be 590x300 pixels and named 01_.jpg .

You can include additional images which show off your item. Additional images must be named in the order that you want them to appear, for example, 02_.jpg, 03_.jpg, 04_.jpg .

For Codecanyon Inline Preview Image is 590x300 JPEG. I have answered above and you can check again the video presentation.


The width It should not be more than 900 and 800 is better. Iam understand better.

Sir, I am really confused about the height, please give me one size. Or can i take same size like 800X800

Recommend me one size width and height

Don’t make it complex. For example you took screenshot any page of your application and it is width 1366px and height 2122px and now if you resize the image (using software like photoshop) width 800px then what will be height? height will be proportional of the width.

Another example you took screenshot any page of your application and it is width 1200px and height 1800px and now if you resize the image (using software like photoshop) width 800px then height will be 1200px. Meant height will be proportional of the width. Now if you force to make height 800px and width 800px then image will be blurred. If you crop the image from 1200px to 800px then the can loss important portion. So, each screenshot image height will be different based on the original width.

Have you never resized image using Adobe Photoshop?

Just iam understand better.

I have a screenshot image with width 604 and height 394 , 604X394.

Now i make resize using adobe photoshop with width 800px and its will be 800px x 522px.

This my result image

Sir Just iam correct?

If any screenshot less than 800px in width then keep that image as it is. Resize only large images.

Thanks sir

Sir, I want to suggest what I understand. Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate it.

When I take a screenshot, I check if the size is less than 800px then keep the image as it.

If it is larger than 900px, I will resize it so that the max width size is 900px and not important height

so that is true?

yes, that’s fine.

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