Add addon for existing item

I will like to develop an add-on for an item on codecanyon.
So I wanted to know is there any process or rules to follow ?

You have to have permission from the original author.

You need to ask them to send a ticket giving this and then give you the ticket ID to include with your submission

Is it WordPress or PHP?

It’s php

Previously, there was no need for the permission to create add-on for existing items but recently, one of the author has similar issues therefor as @charlie4282 suggested better get the confirmation before start coding.

I don’t understand. I need to ask the permission from the author for developing an add-on for the item, then they should send me a ticket giving me the permission to develop the add-on and i finally I must include the permission ticket when submitting the item. Do i got it well ?

It may not be essential but if you want to avoid any issues for sure -

  • reach out to the original author and show them what you plan to make

  • if they are happy for you to do it then ask them to email envato support explaining that you have permission

  • add their ticket ID to your submission

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