Activation error - Web 2.0 directory - Conflict with free directory folder

Ok, so I used the free directory version and figured I would pay for the full version web 2.0 directory version. Now the full version won’t install because they named the free version directory folder the same exact thing as the paid.

I exported all the listings from free, but concerned now that If I delete the free, paid still wont work and then I’ll have a bigger issue on my hands with all the content lost.

Is there a sure fire way to switch from free to paid smoothly? otherwise I just lost $42. So far, nobody at Codecanyon has been able to assist me with their script (I have 6 months support). They want $20 to install it for me. Is that normal unethical bait and switch practice? 6 months free support included, but I still have to pay for it?

Any help would be appreciated.



Sorry to say installation is not a part of Support. You can check here:

So, for installation you can request Author but if they not agree to provide without payment then you have to pay them or hire a freelancer to do it.


Wow, thanks for the reply.

So basically,

  • Free works great
  • Pay to upgrade and get 6 months full support
  • After you pay, Sorry, no support for installing, even though they deliberately use the same folder as the free version to cause errors and force you to pay more for extended support, in addition to the support that came with the $42.00.

It’s not even about the $42.00 anymore. I would rather just throw the script away and the $42.00 in the trash than be blackmailed to have to pay more to fix what the creator did on purpose by duplicating folder names and not providing any documentation at all for a consumer to fix it after upgrading.

Is this really how codecanyon and envato does business?

I would like to allow codecanyon and envato an opportunity to do the right thing. The support I paid for would be nice. I might be happy with a refund, but at this point, that might not be enough either, because now I’m concerned for all the other consumers that may try to use this product/service.

I’m unhappy, disappointed, trying to work with you on this, and have a huge social following (5 million+ combined) which I would rather not have to provide a product review for as upset as I am right now.

I’m going to step away for a little bit to cool down and revisit this conversation later to see if we can amicably find an honorable and ethical way to resolve my support inquiry.

Thanks for understanding my frustration.

With respect, I assume you read the support policy, which explains that installation is not included, before purchasing it?

Using the same folder name is not a devious step, and is not technically difficult to overcome using FTP.

While I appreciate your frustration, it is not fair to accuse the author of doing something which perfectly normal, nor criticize them or Envato for something which was clearly stated within the official policy, as well as linked from the point of purchase.

Have you tried asking the athor to help?

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Thanks for the reply.

I was pretty frustrated when I wrote that. It’s been a day of 8 upgrade purchases and only 3 out of the 8 actually provided written instruction with the update that allowed me to overwrite the old duplicate folders. The other 5 either never responded, wanted to upsell me a better support service, or I fell pray to my own laziness in not zooming into the fine print of the support coverage terms.

Just a build up. I would like to think I handled it more rationally than I might of after the day I had. Still no excuse, so I do apologize for my tone.

I’ll figure it out with a 3rd party tech.

Thanks again for helping my brain clear the cloud and see the logic.