ACF in ThemeForest themes

Hey, I’ve just searched through the forums and read all the Envato Theme Requirements. Now I’m really confused, so I’d like to ask you for help or advice.

I’m developing a theme based on the ACF Pro, and its new Custom Blocks feature for Gutenberg editor. I was planning to include ACF Pro as a required plugin with the theme. But after the reading I did, I’m no longer sure if I can do it to meet the Envato rules.

Can anyone point me to a proper way to include ACF plugin with my theme and not getting rejected? I’d apriciate any help or information, because I’ve got really confused :thinking:

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Yes you can include ACF pro in your themes, I do it by embedding it in a custom plugin which also contains Custom Post types etc.

Edit: One more thing, make sure your theme don’t break when deactivating the plugin. It’s okay if not all functions work but it should not give any error messages.

Hey, thanks for clearing things up :slight_smile:
One thing about your answer I’m not sure about - what do you mean by custom plugin? Do you incorporate the ACF code into your own theme-specific plugin? Or just load it as a recommended / required add on?

Yes I include it in my own plugin. I guess you can include it as a recommended / required plugin seperate but I like to have all required plugins in the same place. I think it is much easier for the customer not have to install 8 different plugins to get theme running you know :slight_smile:

That’s actually a really neat idea. Thanks for sharing it :blush:

One more thing though, does the ACF plugin pass the Envato Theme Checker test out of the box, or you had to modify it some way? It might be inconvenient to change the plugin manually on every update. :thinking:

No, you don’t need to modify it.

That’s great news. Thank you, you really helped me to straight things out :slight_smile: