ACF Rejection issues

Hello my fellow authors

We’re struggling here to get something that uses ACF accepted. We’re using the library in our theme only for metaboxes, and the problem is that it’s outputting theme-check issues like crazy.

Here’s problem:

Now, skip the first 4 warnings which are theme related issues, absolutely everything else is coming from ACF. This is our third time, trying to explain to the reviewer that these issues are not from the theme, but we’re always coming to the same point.

So question: Is anyone here using ACF and has his theme successfully accepted?

It would also be helpful if a reviewer could jump into the discussion …


Don’t include metaboxes in theme. You should run it in plugin.

My suggestion is to put your metaboxes code in a plugin :slight_smile:

Include ACF as plugin (via TGM).

Hijacking the thread, sorry but it’s really odd to hear that problem from Power Elite Author

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Yeah, obviously including ACF in the theme is the good solution to get approved, but it doesn’t answer anything… If theme check issues are the problem, then they go away. If security is a concern, then fopen & base_64 will still be there, in a plugin - so you don’t really solve anything.

Plus, it’s counterintuitive to include something as a plugin when the author of acf clearly instructs to include it as a dependency.

Anyway, i just wanted to hear if anyone is using acf, but it seems that i’ll just include as a plugin, which i don’t agree with anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opinions guys!


We have used ACF for all themes but we have not heard any issues like your post.

We do not know for a new theme because we still submit and wait for reviewer.

But we know that you can write to reviewer and noted that it is the 3rd plugin. We think that it is related with reviewer opinion.

Good luck with you and Team.

Spot on! This is what i was asking :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it seems that review standards change with each day and there’s no consistency between reviewers…

Already explained that to the reviewer a few times but he insists that all theme check issues (including acf) need to go out. So yeah - good luck with your next acf theme as well :slight_smile:

If you include any library directly into your theme, it becomes part of your theme code and you must have to comply theme check plugin. For the same reason, I chose to include ACF plugin via TGM in my themes.