Abstract Logo Got rejected. Please review

Please give your suggestions on this fire and water abstarct logo. Thanks

In my opinion logo is ok but typography is bad, try with some better font :slight_smile:

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Ok dgas99, Thanks for your valued review :slight_smile:

Reminds me Firefox but if you read the submission requirements for logo, I believe the logo doesn’t follow one or two requirements ( not design but as an item )

Thanks ki-themes for your valued review :slight_smile:

Can you please guide me which requirement is not followed in this logo.

Beside typo ( you could find better fonts and remove the back ‘and’ ) you could check this:

Logo Templates must not be too specific, and should work well with a variety of names

Additionally, graphic elements that represent a specific concept can also prove challenging when adding a custom name. If a graphic element relies on the accompanying text to give the design context, it may not be suitable as a Logo Template.

This is a good logo but not a template.

Thanks for you guidance :slight_smile:

Yes my opinion is same with others, typography not going with logo, try different font can be better, logo is ok…

Yes I did change the typography but again got rejected :frowning:

Personally I would suggest it’s too complicated. Logos have to be simple, as few lines as possible, and scaleable so they will look perfect on very small or very large applications going from a mobile phone icon to a skyscraper sized ad.

also remember that you are not designing a “logo”. You are designing a “custom logo template”. So you need to design something somebody else who buys it can then make use for their own purpose. here this is not the case, because the letter F will always have to be “F” and always have to be “flower” because it is part of the flower graphic. Therefore unless your company name has the word “flower” in it your logo will not be any use.

Just rename “Fire&water” to something else with better font

thanks harrisdavid for you valued review.

Ok Ki-themes i will do it, Thanks for replying back

I think this logo is too complicated and its color is too dark, simple logo is always looks great keep continue )