Logos Rejection

Can you guide me why Graphic River Rejected these logos?

First one not charming, second one is not a template. See the section " Tips for Designing Logo Templates"

Please check these 2 design as well

same answer still stands

hi, I personally tend to believe that the first logo is rather flat in terms of concept and that u did not really manage to give it more relief as for as the visual part is concerned, too. Globally all is a bit simple at this stage, and to be honest, there is limited commercial potential, in my view, as the general creation time for this one, for anyone who can handle graphic design tools properly is rather limited to say the least , so that your targeted audience could only be non professionals. Finally I believe that there is a thing about the spacing, the logo appears too compact right now.

the second logo
I think that this one is far better but choosing such a long names really not selling , this makes your logo look unbalanced and this rather breaks harmony , if u ask me. In addition, there is a lack of continuity in colors that tend to reinforce just this … the logo is cool, in my opinion, though the concept seems a little common

third logo “organica” is rather nice but maybe lacking substance a little bit and most importantly does not look perfectly executed all the way , and this is definitely something that u cannot do to have the item accepted … (pls have a look the line being sort of the root of the leaf, this is not even …).

fourth logo “oralock”
I rather like this one, though, according to me the typo is too simple at the moment and the tagline should be moved slightly down so that there is more breathing between the tagline and the name