About vector products in menu


on the link I share above I have a new menu project. Can I add them as vector images in the menu.
for example; chicken, tomato, pepper. that is, all the main images in the middle are all vectors

customers do not make purchases without main vector images in the middle plss help me

The pictures I mentioned are not photos, all of them vector.

If you created and own the copyright on them then you probably can but if not then no you can’t unless there is a commercial license and/or you have consent from the original creator.

Coincidentally I am very surprised you got away with the “Burger Ging” logo

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just use that logotype as an example (burger ging). its not included to file.

If I draw a vector of any product why do I have to buy a license. ultimately the vector is something that is produced later anyone can do it I do not think you need to license it

If it’s something you drew and created regardless of being a vector or anything else, then it’s fine - you only need the licenses if it is not your own work or sourced from somewhere else/another Website etc.

inspired by a photo of someone, do I need a license for a vector drawn on condition that it is not the same
because there are millions of pepper, onion rings etc. pictures in the world.

if a vector drawn by looking at a photo is different in one place, I think that it would not be copyrighted because it is a vector and vector can be drawn by anyone

forgive me I ask questions to make it clear