About Uploading Items

Hello, Authors and Moderators!

  1. If I upload 10 items in 10 days

  2. If I upload 10 Items @ same time (day)

Will Envato approve all my Items on same day in 2nd exmaple? or one by one?


This is your item review schedule

hope you get your information from there.

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Review process are not Automated. So, all Items from Authors will review one by one. So simple.


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the question that u should rather ask to yourself is which strategy , posting them all at the same time or having regular exposure with approved items one by one , day after day, this is more interesting a question than the one u ask to yourself lol as basically the one u asked is depending on the quality that u have, plus of who is reviewing as whole reviewers have different background, expectations or prefered styles, among other things …