How long does it take to approve my item?


I’m new to GraphicRiver . I submitted 5 items but none to them are reviewed yet . Generally how long does it take to review and approve?

Can anyone help me? Much appreciate

Thank you

You can check the average review times here.

Generally it takes about a week, but recently it’s been taking longer because of an increase in submissions.

I should also add that they don’t review items on the weekend.

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Just to be clear - there is a big difference between ‘reviewing’ and item and ‘approving’ an item.

If you want feedback while you wait you can share previews here


it definitely is … lol this is the best outcome being approved but despite waiting for long, this does not mena anything as for the result of the reviewing lol

The review takes about 15-17 days Regarding approval I saw your portfolio on fiverr and unfortunately your chances to get approved are very low. The quality standard here it’s higher then what you have in your portfolio.

to be honest, this is tedious all the same to have such a long waiting and i am definitely not sure that the option that they opted for is the right one … u have some guys sort of posting 4,5,6,7 things items which is nothing but denying having a focus on quality … uploads per day should be limited to one per author (even for guys who have 2 accounts , in my view ), which is way enough , whether u are full time marketplace runner or not, having one item created per day when u have to think about an original concept and make sure to have a strong / solid execution , this is not too much time …