Approval result

Normaly i know that graphicriver review team take maximum 3 days for review print item, but it al ready 6 days running, but don’t get any result. I have seen site and it show graphicriver team take time 3 days. Please any one help me.


Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link you provided, but these are just averages and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed.

Please keep patience hope you will get email of the review result soon. may be some delay because of Week end was Saturday and Sunday.


hi my item was reviewed a few hours ago, it took 6+ days to be approved … your first item in the queue will be controlled shortly do not worry lol

From my experience, regardless of what the average review times are, you should always expect it will take at least a week (7 days) to review, of course it could be longer or shorter, but plan for 7 days.

I’m at the same situation :confused:

Same here :confused: