About the style of music pack

Hi friends.

I’m a newcomer Japanese composer and I would like to sell music packs that are selling well in Japanese market even in AJ.

Does AJ accept music pack of variation by instrument composition rather than length (30/60/90 sec. etc) difference ?

An example is this;

(Google translate Japanese into a bit strange English…Do not mind.)

For Example, Video producers can use “full instruments version” for the climax part and “Piano & Strings version” for the narration part.

In this way, I think that video producers can cross-fade different variations of musical instruments, and they can easily make contrast to BGM.

Because the waiting queue is about 3 weeks, I do not want to upload a package that AJ will not accept. Help me!

Here are your options:

  • upload into music category. Each item can contain up to 5 versions that are different edits of the original (instrumental versions of vocal songs, shorter edits etc.)

  • upload to music packs. They contain different items, not different versions of the same item

  • upload to music kits. A music kit consists of the building blocks of your track making it possible for the client to build their own version to some degree.


Thank you very much for your kind reply!
Indeed, I was in trouble because my case is different from the condition of “music pack”.
But the “music” category matches, don’t you?
OK, now I understand where to upload, Thank you!

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