Which category: Music, Music Pack, Sound Pack or WTF?

Hi folks,

I need your help:

I’ve made different piano & pad loops. I’ve got now 5 files between 19 and 39 seconds duration. All perfect loopable - perfect for voiceovers etc…

But I’m struggeling at the moment in which category I should uploade them? Originally I wanted to upload them in the category “music pack” but I’ve seen that each single tracks must first be approved individually which will probably not so easy… What would you do?


HI @Wini I guess this is music category. Because Music Pack making from already available on AJ tracks :slight_smile: I would suggest make short tracks and upload in your situation :slight_smile: Good luck

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If they are very different then you’ll probably have to upload them separately(music category), then upload them as a pack once they are all approved. If they are all similar then you could upload them together as variations of the same track.


Thanks for the answers so far. The parts are very much the same but different variations (i.e. left hand pattern is always the same). I was proud getting these short passages perfectly loopable but as far as I see now the only chance seems to be to get it altogether approved as one single track … &-)